Livestream with OBS: The Complete Guide

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. This platform provides high performance real time video/audio capturing and mixing. Please know, OBS can be a little more technical to setup but offers some features that could be useful for you and your business (i.e. multiple cameras). Union has put together a complete list to help you get setup from product recommendations to the day of your livestream! 

Union Approved Gear

Before we built livestreaming at Union, we surveyed thousands of yoga students and found that audio quality was the most important thing to them–we didn't believe it at first, but when we thought about it, it makes complete sense. If you're practicing, you use your eyes some of the time but your ears all of the time. With millions on millions of minutes streamed since launch, we have heard that reaffirmed through post-class surveys and tickets we receive from end users. 

Please see our Gear Recommendations for OBS to choose the best products for you and your business. 

Setup your Gear and Test your Livestream

Once you have all of your gear, let's put it all together! We advise that when running any livestream test, you should be in your studio space, or where you'll be streaming your classes. This will provide you with more confidence that your stream quality is setup for success. 

Step 1. Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) & Setup the Software on your Computer

Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to your computer. *NOTE: If you're running on a macOS, please be sure to check About this Mac to choose the appropriate version (Intel or Apple Silicon). 

Next, visit Installing OBS to your Computer for the complete setup guide. 

Step 2. Setup your Camera 

Once you've downloaded OBS to your computer, you'll want to connect your camera! Please choose the appropriate article that matches your products to get your camera setup with ease. 

iPhone Setup:

Please visit Setup the Continuity Camera for your iPhone if your camera option will be your iPhone.

Android Setup:

Please visit Setup the OBS Camera App for your Android if you will be using your Android phone as your camera source. 

Webcam Setup:

If you will be using a HD Webcam, like a Brio, please visit Setup the OBS Camera with an HD Webcam

If you are using a DSLR webcam, please see our article, Using a Canon Webcam on your Mac with OBS.

Step 3. Setup your Audio 

Now that your camera is linked to OBS, it's time to connect your audio source! Please choose the appropriate article that matches your setup. 

Wireless Mic:

If you will be using a wireless mic for your audio source, please visit Setup your Rode Wireless Go II for OBS

Bluetooth Earbuds:

To setup your bluetooth earbuds, please visit  Setup your Wireless earbuds for OBS

4. Test your livestream 

We want to ensure a successful streaming experience for you, your teachers, and your students! It's highly recommend that you run at least one livestream test before your first class. Please visit Livestream Test with OBS for step by step guidance! 

Day of your Livestream

The Union team have complied our notes and feedback to help you and your team prepare for your livestream classes. These helpful practices include, checking your mic/video feed or recognizing potential streaming challenges. While we know everyone has their own way to check their gear and prepare for class, here are some suggestions to get you started and guide you towards your Day of Livestream with OBS that fits you! 

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