Setup your Wireless Earbuds for OBS

If you will be using wireless earbuds (i.e AirPods Pro) for your audio source, begin by opening the case and putting them in your ears. Please be sure to close the case and they are connected to your computer only.

Open the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) app. By default, OBS automatically adds a Mic/Aux line but is typically from your local device. We want to turn this off to ensure there's no echo or feedback that happens when you stream. Drag the toggle all the way to the left. 

Below Sources, click the [+] icon to add your audio source.

Choose Audio Input Capture and click OK*You can change the name if desired as pictured below

Select your wireless earbuds for the device and click OK.

You should now see your wireless earbuds connected in your console! Here's where you'll be able to control your audio for your classes! 

Now that your OBS is completely set to stream, let's run a test! Please visit Livestream Test with OBS.

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