Livestream Test with OBS

Step 1: Set Up Your Space

Ensure you're in the location where you'll be teaching during the livestream. This step is crucial for an accurate test.

Step 2: Verify Device Connections in OBS

Open OBS on your computer and confirm that your camera and audio source are properly connected and functioning.

Step 3: Sign In to Union

Open your preferred browser (e.g., Chrome) and sign in to your Union account. Navigate to Products > Locations and select the relevant space.

You'll see a black screen initially as the camera isn't active.

Step 4: Start Streaming

Initiate the stream in OBS by clicking "Start Streaming".

Allow 15-30 seconds for the stream to become active in your browser. Once active, mute the video player if you're not using headphones to prevent feedback. Move around your space to ensure you're consistently in the camera's view, testing various positions.

Step 5: Monitor Audio Source

Ensure your audio is being captured from the intended source (e.g., wireless mic or Bluetooth earbuds). Speak audibly for reference.

Step 6: Stop the Stream and Review

After about 2-3 minutes, stop the stream. Now, review the replay to assess video and audio quality. Visit Products > Replays, change the filter from "Unpublished" to "Pending", and click on your video to play.

Step 7: Troubleshoot OBS (Optional)

Refer to the Troubleshooting OBS guide to evaluate the health of your livestream.

Step 8: Final Checks

Confirm that your preferred audio source was utilized during the test. If your live stream was at least one minute long, you can access the replay shortly after ending the stream.

For a glimpse of what your live class experience will be like, refer to our article on the Day of Livestream with OBS!

You've now successfully conducted a live stream test using OBS and Union, ensuring that your setup is working as intended. This practice allows you to fine-tune your audio and video settings, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience. Remember to refer to our troubleshooting guide for any technical concerns. With these steps completed, you're well-prepared to deliver a top-notch live class experience. For a glimpse of what your live class experience will be like, refer to our article on the Day of Livestream with OBS!

Should you have any further questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to support at Happy streaming!

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