Livestream Test with OBS

Now that you have your gear setup, let's run a livestream test! Feel free to teach a full class if you want, however, this is not necessary. 

1. Set your Space 

You want to be sure you're running your test from the location for where you'll be teaching! 

2. Open OBS and Check Devices are Connected

Be sure you have OBS opened on your computer along and that your camera and audio source connected.

3. Sign in to Union

To view your livestream, you will want to open your browser (i.e. Chrome) and sign into your Union account. Then, follow the path Products > Locations. Click on the appropriate space name. *Note: Since your camera is not active quite yet, you'll see a black screen. 

4. Start Streaming 

Start your stream in OBS by clicking Start Streaming

When your stream begins, please allow 15-30 seconds before you see any activity on your browser. You should then see your livestream active in Union! Unless you have headphones that can be plugged into your computer, please be sure to Mute the video player to prevent any feedback. 

Now, you can head towards your mat and maybe do a few poses so you can make sure you're still in camera view when standing, sitting, etc. Please be sure to speak so you can have a good reference for you audio. We want to make sure your audio is being pick up from the desired source. After about 2-3 minutes, stop your stream so you can view the replay! 

Please checkout Troubleshooting OBS to understand the health of your livestream! 

Once you've let your livestream run, stop your stream so you can view the replay! 

4. Review your Livestream

It's a good idea to confirm your preferred audio source was being used. As long as your livestream test was at least one minute long, you can access your replay shortly after you end your stream! Visit  Products > Replays.

Then change the filter from  Unpublished to Pending.

Click on your video to play! Now you can confirm the quality of your video and ensure your audio was picking up from your wireless mic or your bluetooth earbuds! 

To see what your live class experience will be like, please check out our article for Day of Livestream with OBS

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