Livestreaming with OBS

Test Internet Speed

Ensure a smooth livestream by conducting a speed test on your streaming device. We recommend a UPLOAD speed of over 10Mbps to prevent choppiness or disconnections during your live stream.

If your speed is below 10Mbps, adjust your OBS settings by reducing the resolution. Double-click on your camera source to make the change.

Verify OBS and Device Connections

Confirm that OBS is running on your computer and check that your camera and audio sources are properly connected. You should see your camera feed and a lit green indicator for your audio source.

Helpful Reminders:

  • Keep your computer and phone charged during the live class.
  • If using your phone as a camera, activate "Do Not Disturb" or airplane mode.

Log in to Union

Open your preferred browser (Chrome is recommended) and log in to your Union account at This will grant you access to Union's Streamboard, where you can interact with participants and monitor your class.

  • Click on "DASHBOARD" to view your upcoming classes.

  • 15 minutes before your class, the "Check-In" button will change to "View Stream".

  • Click "Start Streaming" in OBS once you see the "View Stream" button.

  • After approximately 10 seconds, you'll see the camera status change from inactive to active with a red circle, indicating it's working.

View Stream in Union:

  • Click "View Stream" (available 15 minutes before class) to open the Union Streamboard.

  • Mute your feed to prevent feedback.
    • Hover over the video block and click the speaker button to mute.
  • Your students can enter the class 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
    • If you would like to change this, please visit your Union Settings > Online Events or refer to our support article here.
  • Use the live chat to engage with students and answer questions.

Stepping Away During Class:

  • If needed, click "Stop Streaming" in OBS. If using wireless earbuds, ensure they're stored properly.
  • When you return, confirm the earbud connection in OBS Audio Mixer, then click "Start Streaming".

End of Class:

  • Express gratitude or say goodbye to conclude the practice.
  • Decide whether to stop the feed or remain to address questions from the chat before signing off.

OBS provides real-time bandwidth data. If you encounter dropped frames, high CPU usage, or colored squares in red or yellow, consult our Troubleshooting with OBS guide for assistance.

With these comprehensive steps, you're well-prepared to deliver seamless and engaging live stream classes using OBS and Union. From optimizing your internet speed to managing OBS settings, this guide equips you with the tools you need for a successful online teaching experience. Embrace the opportunity to create a strong virtual community with your students, and enjoy the journey of online teaching! If you need any additional support please feel free to reach out to

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