Connect with Streamboard

Streamboard allows you to check your audio/video feed before and during class, see students file in to your virtual classroom, and monitor the chat room for questions.

The header contains certain details you might check before starting. These include:

  • Name of Camera/Space with camera active indicator

  • Date and time

  • Name of Event/Performance and Teacher

Livestream Feed

You can check the video/audio quality that is delivered to attendees. Keep in mind there is typically a 15-60 second delay while making the round trip through the internet.

The audio meter* is a visual indicator of whether your microphone is being picked up.
* Only supported on Chrome and Firefox

Note: You can leave the player audio unmuted, but be sure to mute or turn the volume down on your streamboard device itself to prevent audio feedback.


The attendees pane shows you who has entered your class as well as the number present vs. the total number registered.


Chat can be enabled/disabled in your organization's settings.

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