Livestreaming With Union Broadcaster

The Union team have complied our notes and feedback to help you and your team prepare for your livestream classes. While we know everyone has their own way to check their gear and prepare for class, here are some suggestions to get you started!

Prepare Your Streaming Device:

  • Activate Airplane Mode and Connect to Wifi.
  • Connect wireless earbuds or microphone for clear audio
    • to ensure optimal audio, please be sure to put your earbuds in BEFORE you begin stream
      • For troubleshooting please see this article.
  • Conduct a Speed Test to ensure smooth streaming.
  • Secure your phone on a tripod for optimal view.
  • Ensure a stable power source to prevent battery drain.

Check out our Teacher Tips for Great Mobile Livestreams for the complete checklist. 

Sign In to Union:

  • Access Union's Streamboard on a second device if available.
  • Sign in to your Union account here.
  • Click on DASHBOARD to view your upcoming classes.

View Stream Instructions:

  • 15 minutes before class, "Check-In" transforms into "View Stream"
    • Note, that if it doesn't transition you may need to refresh the browser

  • Open Union Broadcaster on your iPhone and tap Events.

  • Tap on your upcoming class and click Start.

  • Verify camera status change to "camera active"
    • Please note that there may be up to a 30 second delay

Mute Feed and Interact:

  • Mute your feed to prevent feedback by clicking the speaker button.
  • Interact with students in the live chat and give shoutouts.

Managing Wireless Earbuds When Stepping Away Before Class:

  • Before stepping away, stop recording in Broadcaster and store earbuds.
  • On return, wear earbuds, open Broadcaster, and click record.

End of Class and Livestream Duration:

  • Sign off with a "thank you" or "goodbye."
  • Click the grey button to stop recording.
  • Close the Union Broadcaster app.

Key Tips:

  • Follow specific steps for Bluetooth mic setup.
  • Set HD Video resolution (1020x720 or 1920x1080).
  • Activate "Do Not Disturb" mode on streaming device.
  • Ensure all devices are fully charged.
  • Disable Bluetooth on surrounding devices.
  • For technical issues, contact with device details and class information.

Remember, this guide is designed to help you prepare for a seamless livestream class. Feel free to adapt these steps to your preferences and equipment. Happy streaming! If there is any additional support needed, please feel free to reach out to

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