Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Earbuds

If you're experiencing audio issues (i.e. robotic sound, scratchy, voice distortion) and are using bluetooth earbuds (i.e. AirPods), please run a livestream test and be sure you're following the instructions below. If you need additional assistance on how to run a livestream test, please select the appropriate article for the software you're using:

Follow these exact instructions when running your livestream test:

  1. Open your bluetooth case (i.e. Airpods)
  2. Put your earbuds in your ears
  3. Close your bluetooth case
  4. Open the appropriate streaming app (i.e. Union Broadcaster or Larix)
  5. Set your phone its tripod
  6. Begin Streaming
  7. Your test stream should be about 2-3 minutes long
  8. End your stream
  9. Visit your Pending Replay Folder (Products > Replays > Change from unpublished to Published) 
  10. Watch your replay to see if it is resolved.

We cannot stress how important it is that you put your earbuds in before you start streaming. We have noticed that when audio challenges happen, it's likely due to teachers starting the stream and then putting their earbuds in. This can cause audio distortion ranging from a humming sound, a robotic sound, or much static when the teacher is speaking. 

A good practice to adopt:

  1. Open earbuds case 
  2. Put earbuds in your ears
  3. Close the case
  4. Start your stream

If you are streaming (even a test stream) and you need to take a break (i.e use the restroom), please reverse the practice. 

  1. Stop the stream
  2. Put the earbuds back into their case and completely close

When you're ready to begin your stream again:

  1. Open earbuds case 
  2. Put earbuds in your ears
  3. Close the case
  4. Start your stream

If this still does not seem to resolve, please reach out to to let us know what you're experiencing and you must provide us with the URL for your test stream you ran so we can help take a closer look.

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