Livestream Test with Larix Broadcaster

Now that your gear is set up, it's time to conduct a livestream test. This step ensures both your video and audio are working seamlessly. Please note that your test should be at least 2 minutes long to generate a replay.

Steps for Livestream Test:

  1. Set Your Space:
    1. Choose the location where you'll be teaching for the test. This ensures accurate results.

  1. Gear Setup:
    1. Gather your streaming device (e.g., phone) and any necessary adapters (e.g., phone charger, ethernet).
    2. Connect your audio device, such as bluetooth earbuds or a wireless mic, to your streaming device. Open the Larix Broadcaster app and mount your phone on a tripod.
    3. Use a second device (e.g., laptop) to log into your Union account. Navigate to Products > Locations and select the appropriate space. Note: The camera feed will appear black at this point.

  1. Livestream Test:
    1. If you're using bluetooth earbuds (e.g., AirPods), make sure they are connected before starting the stream. This prevents audio distortion.
    2. Open the Larix Broadcaster App on your phone and click the red button to initiate the stream.

    1. Allow 15-30 seconds for the activity to appear on your second device. You'll receive details on your phone about the stream duration, connection status with Union, and the current data rate.
    2. Once the stream is visible on Union, mute the video player to prevent feedback.

    1. Proceed to your mat and perform a few poses to ensure you're consistently within the camera's view. Speak during this process to verify audio clarity. After 2-3 minutes, stop the stream for review.

  1. Review Your Livestream:
    1. Confirm that your preferred audio source was used and ensure you remained within the frame throughout the test. Access the replay shortly after ending the stream by visiting Products > Replays (for admins).
    2. If you have a teacher role, you may need a custom role to view your replay. Contact your admin team for assistance.
    3. Change the filter from Unpublished to Pending, then click on your video to play.

For a Preview of Your Live Class Experience:

To get a feel for what your live class will be like, refer to our Day of Livestream with Larix Broadcaster article.

For any questions or assistance, reach out to us at

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