Livestream with Larix Broadcaster App: The Complete Guide

If you're planning on conducting livestream classes from a centralized location, such as a studio with multiple teachers, or if you or your teachers will be using an Android device, the Larix Broadcaster App is the tool for you. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough, from recommended gear to day-of livestream preparations.

Union Approved Gear:

After extensive surveys and feedback from yoga students, it's clear that audio quality is paramount. With this in mind, Union has curated a list of approved gear to ensure an exceptional streaming experience. For personalized recommendations, visit our Standard Gear Recommendation guide.

Setting Up Your Gear and Testing Livestream Quality:

Day of Your Livestream:

As your livestream approaches, our team has gathered valuable insights to help you prepare. This includes mic and video feed checks, and troubleshooting potential streaming challenges. While everyone has their own routine, our suggestions will guide you towards a seamless Day of Livestream flow tailored to your needs.

With Larix Broadcaster and Union's recommended gear, you're equipped for a successful livestreaming experience. From setup to test runs and the big day, this guide has covered it all. Should you have any further questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at Happy streaming!

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