Setup Rode Wireless Go II for Larix

Turn on your Rode Receiver and add one of the USB C cables. Plug in the USB (opposing end) to the matching port on your hub. (i.e iPhone: USB-A + Lightning Adapter)

If you're using a lavalier, connect your RODE Lavalier GO Professional-Grade Wearable Microphone to your Rode Mic. Then, turn on your Rode Mic.

We have learned that using this mic requires a lot of battery power, so you will want to be sure to charge your phone while streaming. 

Make sure your Rode devices are on. Here's what your setup may look like! 

By default, your Larix Audio settings should be set to Auto. By simply putting in your Rode Wireless Go II mic, you should be ready to go! However, if you run a livestream test and it seems like the audio is coming from your device mic, here's how you can update your settings in Larix. 

*Pro-Tip: We have noticed Rode Wireless Go mics are defaulted to a mono aural (vs stereo). You can change this on your Rode receiver. On the bottom of the receiver, hold down both buttons for a couple seconds (M/St). You can also ensure Larix is set to Stereo too, see below to check these settings. 

Open the Larix App and visit your Audio Settings (Gear Icon > Audio). Click on Input.

Change from Auto to Headset Microphone. Click Audio to go back

If you notice that your Audio Channel is set to Mono, let's update this by tapping on Audio Channels.

Tap Stereo 

Tapping Back, should be back to your camera view. 

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