Setup the Larix Broadcaster App for your Android

First, run the Internet Speedtest and jot down your Upload speed. You'll need it later in the process. We recommend you show 6-10Mbps as the upload speed for a high quality stream.

Click on the Larix icon to open the app:

Then, allow the app to use your camera and access your media:

You should see video through your camera. Now we need to make sure your phone will broadcast to Union. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner:

Then Connections:

Let's create a New connection:

You may have received an email that contains your Stream Key. Copy the link, begins with rtmp, and add to Larix. *When pasting the link into Larix, please check that no space has been added to the front or end of the URL

Add a name for your connection (i.e. Union or the studio space name) and theStream Key in for the URL and Save (you will immediately receive an error if this is not correct):

Go back to Settings

Let's double-check our camera settings to make sure we're delivering the best possible quality class for people joining on livestreams and replays. Click on Video

Click Video Size

If your speed test showed an upload speed of 10mbps or higher, please select 1920x1080

If your upload speed was between 6mbps-9mbps, please select 1280x720

Go back to Video Parameters and scroll to the bottom and click Mode (under ADAPTIVE BITRATE STREAMING)

Choose Ladder Ascend

Click back button (next to video parameters) to go back to Larix settings

At the top, click the back button to go to Larix (camera view)

If you are using bluetooth earbuds, please visit Setup Bluetooth Earbuds for Larix.

If you are using a wireless mic, please visit Setup Rode Wireless Go II for Larix

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