Union Broadcaster Gear Recommendations

Union makes livestreaming your classes a breeze, whether you're teaching from home or in a studio. Our approach prioritizes highlighting the teacher and their voice, ensuring a top-notch streaming experience. This guide outlines gear recommendations and provides step-by-step articles to get your streams up and running smoothly. If you're planning to incorporate music into your classes, refer to "A/V for Voice and Music". For insights on compatible livestream apps, visit "What Livestream App is Right for You?"

Video Recommendations:

For optimal video quality, we recommend using your smartphone. Please note that using an iPad may lead to lower video quality and potential audio and streaming issues with certain versions. We do recommend a stationary device that can be left in the studio. You can purchase a refurbished iPhone (no data plan, 64MB) from Amazon to support this.

Recommendations: iPhone X, Xs, 11 or higher (OS requirements 16 or higher)

Mounting Your Phone:

Steady your phone with a mobile-friendly tripod:

Audio Recommendations:

Bluetooth Option:

Enhance your voice quality with high-grade Bluetooth earbuds. Enjoy freedom of movement and warm, clear audio.

Affordable Options:

  • WENKEY True Wireless earbuds - $29 (for iOS and Android users)

For iPhone:

For Android:

Wireless Mic Option:

Consider the Rode Wireless Go II for exceptional audio. This option includes one receiver and two transmitters (microphones). It comes with all the necessary cables.

Additional Accessories for Rode Wireless Go II (optional):

Adapters & Charging:

Utilize a second device (e.g., laptop) to monitor and interact with your class via Union's Streamboard feature.

Software for Streaming:

Use Union's Broadcaster App for streaming. Visit "Livestream with Union Broadcaster: The Complete Guide" for setup instructions.

For advanced setups, explore our "Streaming with OBS" collection.

This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and gear to deliver high-quality live streams with Union. If you need further assistance please feel free to reach out to support@union.fit. Happy streaming!

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