Livestream Test with Union Broadcaster

Now that you have your gear setup and a livestream test event created, let's perform a livestream test! You will want to ensure your account has Test Streams enabled. Please visit our support article to learn how to verify this is enabled or how to change the status.

Feel free to teach a full class if you want, however, this is not necessary. We just want to ensure your camera and the audio is working.

Your test should be at least 1-2 mins long to produce a replay for you to view after.

1. Set your Space

You want to be sure you're running your test from the location for where you'll be teaching! 

2. Setup your Gear

Grab your streaming device (i.e. phone) and add any adapters (i.e. phone charger, ethernet). Connect your audio to your device like your bluetooth earbuds or wireless mic. Open the Broadcaster app and place your phone in the tripod. 

Please check your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb (allow calls from no one) and airplane mode.

3. Test your Stream

When you open your Union Broadcaster app (Setup > Events), you should see a designated TEST event for you to use when needed! Tap on the TEST space and then click Start.

Your account must have Test Stream enabled in order to have this view. Please visit your Broadcaster App settings in your Union Browser view to update.

We recommend checking your stream to ensure your space is set and your stream is solid! To locate your test stream, visit Products > Locations. You should see your test stream space marked as Camera Active. Click on the space name in bold to see your recording.

When you've completed your recording, tap the circle to end the recording (Broadcaster App). In the left corner, you should see notifications verifying your recording has ended.

To access your recorded content, we recommend signing in to your Union account on a browser. Click on Products > Replays > Pending.

Once you've located your test stream, click View to watch your test! Here's where you can make sure the correct audio is being used or that the camera view is just where you'd like it! Once you're done,

If this was a simple test stream, we would recommend deleting the replay from your storage.

To see what your live class experience will be like and some best practices for your livestream, please check out our article for Day of Livestream with Union Broadcaster. 

Should you have any questions please reach out to us at

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