Livestream Test with Union Broadcaster

Now that you have your gear setup and a livestream test event created, let's run do a livestream test! Feel free to teach a full class if you want, however, this is not necessary. We just want to ensure your camera and the audio is working. *Note: your test should be at least 2 mins long to produce a replay. 

1. Set your Space 

You want to be sure you're running your test from the location for where you'll be teaching! 

2. Setup your Gear

Grab your streaming device (i.e. phone) and add any adapters (i.e. phone charger, ethernet). 

Please check your auto-lock settings on your phone to ensure your streams do not drop. You can change this back to your original settings after, but please remember to change your auto-lock settings each time you livestream. 

Connect your audio to your device like your bluetooth earbuds or wireless mic. Open the Broadcaster app and place your phone in the tripod. 

Once everything is connected, grab your second device (i.e. laptop) and sign into your Union account. You should see your test event in your Upcoming Sessions.

3. Livestream Test

15 mins before any livestream, you can click on your event in Union Broadcaster app 

Click Start

You can confirm you're connected when you see Connecting... and then Streaming in the upper left corner

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll be able to see the duration of the livestream along with the stream info (internet speed). There’s an audio meter in the lower left corner and directly below, you should be able to confirm what source (i.e. AirPods are pictured below).

Back on your Union dashboard (your laptop), after ~15 seconds of starting your stream, you should see camera status change from "camera inactive". 

To "camera active" with a pink circle*. Congrats, it's working! Now click on View Stream. *there is up to a 30 second delay. 

View Stream will always appear 15 min before class starts. When clicked, this opens the Union Streamboard. This will be more helpful when you're doing a live class, but you get a sneak preview! Streamboard allows you to keep an eye on your stream, see all students who are live with you, and a place for you all to chat! 

*Be sure to Mute the video player to prevent any feedback. 

Now, you can head towards your mat and maybe do a few poses so you can make sure you're still in camera view when standing, sitting, etc. Please be sure to speak so you can have a good reference for you audio. We want to make sure your audio is being pick up from the desired source. After about 2-3 minutes, stop your stream so you can view the replay! 

4. Review your Livestream

It's a good idea to confirm your preferred audio source was being used and make sure you were always in the frame. As long as your livestream test was about two minutes long, you can access your replay shortly after you end your stream! Visit Products > Replays if you are an admin.

*If you have a teacher role, follow Products > My Replays

To locate your replay, you may need to change the filter from Unpublished to Pending. *Pending media include test streams, stream fragments, or media missing information (categories, performance) required to publish. 

Click on your video to play! Here's your chance to make sure your audio is being pulled in from the correct source! 

Once you're done with your test, click the drop down arrow to delete!

To see what your live class experience will be like and some best practices for your livestream, please check out our article for Day of Livestream with Union Broadcaster

Should you have any questions please reach out to us at

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