Setup Union Broadcaster App

Please visit your app store and install the Union Broadcaster app. Once downloaded, click Open or tap on the Union Broadcaster icon to open the app. 

*Note: for anyone who will be streaming with an Android, please follow Livestream with Larix Broadcaster: Complete Guide

Enter your Union account user name (email) and password and click Sign In

Allow the app to use your camera and access your microphone

Once you've allowed access, you should see your camera view! Before each class (even a livestream test), it is recommended you do a speed test. Great news, you can do this while in app and only takes a moment! Click  Setup to run a speed test before your livestream test (this will come in handy later). 

By default, you'll be presented with your  Upcoming Events. Click Settings and then click Speed Test in the upper right corner.

Start your speed test

Your results 

You will see both your download and upload speed. We recommend you show at least 10Mbps as the upload speed for a high quality stream. Once you have your results, jot down your upload speed and click the back arrow in the upper left corner. 

Up next, setup your camera settings!

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