Quick Start to Setup Union Broadcaster App

Setting up the Union Broadcaster App couldn't be more simple! Just download the app, connect your audio, and get ready to stream!

Step 1: Download the App & Sign In

Please visit your app store and install the Union Broadcaster app. Once downloaded, you'll want to open the app.

If you are a studio that has a dedicated device at your location(s), please update your settings in your Union org before downloading the app.

Enter your Union email address and password and click Sign In.

Allow the app to use your camera and access your microphone

Step 2: View Events

Once you've allowed access, you should see your camera view! You're camera settings and audio should be preloaded for you. To view some of your upcoming events and access your settings, click Setup.

If you would like to learn more about the camera settings, visit our support article here.

Step 3: Run a Speed Test

We recommend running a livestream test before each class. Learn how to run this directly in the app!

Step 4: Perform a Livestream Test

We recommend preforming a livestream test to ensure your setup is ready for prime time! You will want to ensure you're account has Test Streams enabled. Learn How to Run a Test Stream with Union Broadcaster App.

If you or your teachers are looking to pre-record a class, please visit our support article to get started!

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