Studio Mode for Union Broadcaster App

The Union Broadcaster App is designed to automatically populate your upcoming classes from your Union account. The next classes "available to stream" in the app are dependent on the class date and time that were created in the Union software.

For studios who have a single streaming device setup in their location(s), we recommend having one Union account that will remained signed in on the app. In most cases, this will be an admin account. This account will have the studio mode setting enabled and allow your teachers to start and end their classes with ease.

The Broadcaster App does not provide access to your business details (i.e. reports or payroll). It's sole purpose is for you and your team to stream high quality classes that are instantly added to your replay library.

If your team is utilizing Union's Streamboard feature during live classes, they can continue to sign in with their own Union account.

To get your broadcaster app setup for Studio Mode, you'll want to visit your Union Settings > Broadcaster App.

You'll then see a list of roles that have the permission "can teach". Be default, all accounts will be set to Only their Performance.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit. Against the user account you added to the broadcaster app during sign-in, change this to All Performances. Then, click Update.

Learn how to add Test Stream capabilities for specific accounts. This feature will also allow teachers to pre-record video content that's instantly added to Union to avoid uploading content!

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