Camera Settings for the Union Broadcaster App

Out of the box, your camera settings should be set with Union's recommendations. However, if you'd like to adjust or just browse some options, you can access this when clicking Settings in the Union Broadcaster App.

Start Camera With

Since you own an iPhone, you hold a powerful camera. To ensure you're producing the highest quality, we strongly recommend using your back facing camera. If you are concerned about not seeing yourself when teaching, Union has a solution for that! When you enter the livestream test, you will have access to Union's Streamboard feature!

However, if you do need to use your front facing camera (selfie side), click Camera Position.

Back Camera Lens

By default, the Union Broadcaster app will have Auto selected. Some iPhone cameras have multiple lenses and the Union Broadcaster app can help tap into these features. You can choose Standard (Wide), Ultra Wide, or Telephoto. Click Back Camera Lens to change.

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