How to Pre-Record Video Content with Union Broadcaster App

Feeling inspired to film a class that isn't scheduled? Are you wanting to record fresh content to use in the future? Perhaps you're looking to create a course that's only available for your replay library. Union makes it easy for you to record your material and have it instantly available in your org!

Your account must have Test Streams enabled to pre-record video content Please visit our support article to learn how to verify this is enabled or how to change the status.

Open your Union Broadcaster app and tap Setup.

You should see a list of your upcoming classes. Tap TEST.

If you do not see Upcoming Events, please tap Events or refresh your view. To refresh, swipe down from the top of the screen using your finger. This action will trigger the refresh process.

You should see a pop-up window at the top letting you know that you're in your Test space. Once you're ready to begin recording, tap Start.

If you are wanting to have a live view of the content you're recording, you can access this by visiting Products > Locations when signed in on the the browser view. You should see your test stream space marked as Camera Active. Click on the space name in bold to see your recording.

When you've completed your recording, tap the circle to end the recording (Broadcaster App). In the left corner, you should see notifications verifying your recording has ended.

To access your recorded content, we recommend signing in to your Union account on a browser. Click on Products > Replays > Pending.

Once you've located your fresh content, click the arrow next View and click Edit. Here's where you can make your edits to the recording (i.e. change the thumbnail, name, add a description, and add your event categories).

When your edits have been applied, click Publish.

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