OBS Gear Recommendations

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a powerful, free, and open-source tool for video recording and live streaming. While it may require a bit of technical know-how to set up, it offers advanced features, such as multi-camera support. For those seeking a more streamlined streaming app, explore Union's offerings in "What Livestream App is Right for You?"

Video Recommendations:

  • iPhone 11 or Higher (iOS 16+): Offers excellent video quality. Ensure your macOS is on Ventura for compatibility. It's advisable to use a longer cord for flexible positioning and connect directly to your laptop or desktop. Please be sure you're purchasing the correct ports (i.e. lightening to USB-C)
  • Recent Android Phone with a Great Camera: Offers versatility and quality for streaming. Consider a longer charging cord for convenience.
  • 1080p or 4k Webcam (e.g., Logitech Brio or Elgato Facecam Pro): An excellent option for laptop-based streaming.
  • Canon DSLR Camera: For those seeking high-quality professional-grade video.

Mounting Your Phone:

Steady your phone with a mobile-friendly tripod. Here are some suggestions:

Audio Recommendations:

Bluetooth Options:

Opt for high-quality Bluetooth earbuds for warm and clear voice quality. They offer flexibility and mobility.

Affordable Options:

  • WENKEY True Wireless Earbuds - $29: Compatible with both iOS and Android.

For iPhone:

  • Apple AirPods - $139: A reliable choice.
  • Apple AirPods Pro - $229: Offers advanced noise canceling.

For Android:

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 - $109
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - $159
  • Google Pixel Buds - $179

Wireless Mic Option:

For pristine audio quality, consider the Rode Wireless Go II. It includes one receiver and two transmitters (microphones) and provides a seamless connection with your control center.

  • RODE Wireless GO II starting at $272
    • The Wireless Go II comes with 3 USB-C to USB cables and 1 SC5 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable. 

Additional Accessories (Optional):

  • RODE Lavalier GO Professional-Grade Wearable Microphone starting at $67

Control Center:

Ensure a robust control center for optimal performance:

  • Macbook Pro 2016 or later, iMac, or a Mac Mini on Apple Silicon. We do NOT recommend a Macbook air as there are not as many ports available. Ideally, it would be an iMac or Mac Mini. 
  • While we HIGHLY recommend connecting directly into your device, if needed, here are some hubs you can choose from: USB C Hub w/ ethernet hub @ $60 or USB C Hub @ $34 *if you are using a Mac Mini or an iMac, these hubs may not be required.

Please confirm your setup with your onboarding team or reach out to support@union.fit. 

Software for Streaming:

Choose the appropriate software for your setup:

  • Continuity Camera for iPhone: (FREE for iPhone 11 or higher with macOS on Ventura or newer)
  • DroidCam OBS for Android - $10.91
  • OBS Studio: For macOS 10.13+ or Windows 8.1, 10, and 11.
  • BlackHole 2CH (free and downloadable via their website)

This comprehensive guide equips you with the tools and knowledge needed for successful livestreaming with OBS on Union. For further assistance or specific setup inquiries, reach out to support@union.fit. Happy streaming!

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