Setup your iPhone Continuity Camera

If you will be using your iPhone as your camera, we will want to confirm that Continuity Camera is enabled.  You will want to visit your Settings > General.

Tap AirPlay & Handoff

Continuity Camera should be enabled (toggle is green). *NOTE: if you do not see this option and you are on a iPhone 11 or higher, please visit Software Update when visiting Settings > General > Software Update. 

Warning! When you connect your iPhone to your laptop/desktop, please be mindful of the prompts. On your laptop/desktop, you must Allow accessory to connect. 

On your iPhone, you will need to tap Trust

Once connected, your iPhone will have a message like this on it. This is what we're lookin' for! 

Open OBS on your computer. In the console below, click the [+] icon to add your video source.

Choose Video Capture Device 

Add a name for your camera and click OK

Select your iPhone Camera

You should then see your video being picked up! Then, click OK.

You'll want to make sure the video view in OBS is "Fit to Screen". If you need to adjust. Click Edit at the top of your screen on the left hand side. Then choose Transform > Fit to Screen. 

Once adjusted, it should look something like this! 

Next, you will want to add your audio source. Please visit the article that matches the mic type you will be using to stream:

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