Setup your Rode Wireless Go II for OBS

Turn on your Rode Receiver and add one of the USB C cables. Plug in the opposing end of the Rode cable (USB side) to the matching port on your hub (i.e. USB C Hub w/ ethernet hub) or control center (i.e. Mac Mini). If you are using a hub, please connect this to your computer.

Connect your RODE Lavalier GO Professional-Grade Wearable Microphone to your Rode Mic. Then, turn on your Rode Mic.

On your computer, open the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) app. By default, OBS automatically adds a Mic/Aux line but is typically from your local device. We want to turn this off to ensure there's no echo or feedback that happens when you stream. Drag the toggle all the way to the left. 

Below Sources, click the [+] icon to add your audio source.

Choose Audio Input Capture and click OK. *You can change the name if desired as pictured below

Select Wireless Go II RX as your device and click OK.

You should now see your Wireless Go source connected in your console! Here's where you'll be able to control your audio for your classes! 

*Pro-Tip: We have noticed Rode Wireless Go mics are defaulted to a mono aural (vs stereo). If you notice that there is only one green audio meter that is fluctuating lit when you speak (like pictured below), you can change this on your Rode receiver. 

On the bottom of the receiver, hold down both buttons for a couple seconds (M/St). You can confirm it's been changed to stereo mode when you see both lines fluctuate on OB. 

Now that your OBS is completely set to stream, let's run a test! Please visit Livestream Test with OBS.

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