Setup the OBS Camera App for your Android

If you will be using your Android phone as your camera, you will need to download the DroidCam OBS app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, open the app to get started and grant permissions (camera and microphone).

On your desktop, you will want to use this link on your computer to install the OBS plugin required. 

Next, you will need to upgrade the app on your Android device to remove the watermark ($10.91). Once you have completed your purchase, open OBS on your computer. In the console below, click the [+] icon to add your video source.

Choose DroidCam OBS and click OK. You can change the name of the source you would like.

If your speed test results were 10Mbps or higher, change the Resolution to 1920 x 1080. If your speed test results were 9Mbps or below, please choose 1280x720. 

Next, add the WiFi IP address and the DroidCam Port ID. Then, click Activate and select OK. *You can locate these details when you open the DroidCam OBS app on your phone. 

Now, we want to fit your video image to the screen. Hold Control (ctrl) > Right click your mouse > hover over Transform > Stretch to Screen

Next, you will want to add your audio source. Please visit the article that matches the mic type you will be using to stream:

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