Setup the OBS Camera with an HD Webcam

When your installation is complete on your computer, connect your webcam to your computer. Open up OBS on your computer. In the console below, click the [+] icon to add your video source.

Choose  Video Capture Device

Add a name for your device and click  OK

Now under  Device, select your camera source and then, allow the app to access your camera

If you want to adjust the preset resolution, click on the box to adjust.  *This is dependent on your hardware and/or internet upload speed. If you bump into connection challenges, you may need to adjust this. 

Now, we want to fit your video image to the screen. Hold  Control (ctrl) > Right click your mouse > hover over  Transform > Stretch to Screen.

Next, you will want to add your audio source. Please visit the article that matches the mic type you will be using to stream:

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