OBS Troubleshooting

If you're having challenges with a livestream (i.e. dropped streams), this will be a great place to start. Try running a quick test to check some of the metrics you're seeing in OBS straight away. If metrics are looking okay here, please continue with the following troubleshooting suggestions.

If you're looking for support with something more specific (i.e. camera or wireless mic, please visit our OBS troubleshooting collection).

The first place to begin will be to run a speed test. Be sure to jot down your Download and Upload speed.

Next, please check your device to ensure you're running on the most recent software. Here's an example if you're using a macOS product. If prompted, please preform the software update.

Then, please open OBS and let's check to make sure you're running on the latest version.

If you are using a Rode Wireless Go II, please open your Rode Central app to check for any updates.

Next, visit your OBS settings

​Next, let's check your Output and let's try adjusting your settings to the following if not already set. Please be sure to click Apply in the lower left corner before moving on to the next step.

Video Bitrate: 3000 Kbps

Audio Bitrate: 160

Now, let's check your video resolution and FPS (frame rate per second). If your speed test shows results with an upload speed of 10 Mbps or higher, let's ensure both Base and Output are at 1920x1080. While this may change during a call with the support team, during your test stream, we'll have you begin with this.

For your FPS, if your speed at least 10 Mbps, please ensure keep your FPS to 30. If 12 Mbps and higher, you can set your FPS to 30 or 60.

If you make any changes, please click Apply before continuing.

Finally, ​click Advanced and scroll till you locate the setting called Network. Please ensure that the check box Dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion is checked. Then, click Apply and then OK.

Once you have checked and/or updated your settings, please preform a livestream test that runs for at least 5 minutes. After your livestream test, please check the replay to see if the challenge no longer exists.

If you're still experiencing challenges, please reach out to our support team (support@union.fit) and include the following details for a speeder troubleshooting process.

  • A brief summary of the challenges you're experiencing and a link to the replay that references this (i.e. a specific class).
  • A link to your test stream(s)
  • Your speed test results (both download and upload speeds)
  • A screenshot of your OBS stats while running a test stream
  • Include a screenshot or tell us what your current OBS settings are set to
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