Install & Setup OBS to your Computer

First things first. We've made the installation setup easy for you! Follow along to get your device up and running.

Written Outline

Visual Support

Run a speed test. You will want to ensure you have a minimum of 10 mbps. This will allow you to broadcast a Full HD stream on Union.

Download Open Broadcaster Software | OBS from your web browser and select the software for your device to begin the download.

If you're a macOS user, please choose the appropriate software to download. i.e. Apple M1, you'll choose MacOS (Apple Silicon)

About this Mac

Once you save the software (.dmg), drag and drop the file into your applications folder.

Click on the OBS icon to open the app and select Open to acknowledge this was downloaded from your browser.

OBS will offer some support once you open the app! Choose Optimize for stream, recording is secondary.

*Recording in OBS means recording to your local device. If you stream, you'll be recording by default in Union.

Video Settings will pop up next! Click next to continue.

Next, you'll be prompted to add your stream key. For Service you'll choose Custom.

You'll want to get your stream key from Union.

*Visit Products > Locations > click on the space name > copy full key

Once you've copied your key from Union, you can paste that directly in to Union.

Server: rtmp://

Stream Key: remaining string of characters

OBS will run a bandwidth test on your behalf to ensure the resolution you choose up front, will be supported.

While you will have the option to decline, Union recommends running the test to ensure you're streaming setup is set for success.

OBS will show you the ideal video settings for your setup.

If you click Apply, OBS will update this for you automatically.

You can manually configure in your settings at any time.

Visit your OBS Settings

Click Advanced and then scroll to locate the checkbox, Dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion.

To save, click Apply and then OK.

Connect your Camera to OBS: Choose your Camera Setup to Get Started

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