Using a Canon Webcam on your Mac with OBS

For the highest quality video image, you can use a Canon DSLR camera versus a phone to livestream or record classes. While a more expensive option, this allows you to select from a wide variety of lenses that autofocus and perform better in lower light.

You'll be connecting your camera to OBS, so please complete OBS setup first if you haven't already.

Next, you'll need to download the Canon Webcam Utility. Here's a direct link to the download for the Canon EOS T8i.

Install the package as directed. You will likely need to restart your computer.

Now, let's connect an AC adaptor to power the camera, connect it to your computer, and put it on a Tripod.

The AC adapter should look something a little like this:

On your camera, open the 'Batt Open' drawer on the bottom and insert the adapter inside like so:

When you close the compartment, make sure that the cable coming out isn't being pinched by putting it through the flap:

Next, let's set your camera up correctly. The dials on top should look like this:

Now let's plug your computer into the camera. Take a Micro-USB cable, and plug it into the flap on the left side of the camera:

And the other end into your computer.

Next, load OBS on your Mac and add the camera as a new source. First, add a new video capture device:

Create a new one, name it the name of your camera and click OK:

Choose EOS Webcam Utility and use the 'High' preset:

If the image appears cropped, just drag the bottom-right square on the red box until it fills the screen:

Next, you will want to add your audio source. Please visit the article that matches the mic type you will be using to stream:

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