Creating Time-Based Pass Discounts

In Union, passes and payment plans can have associated time-based discounts incentivizing your customers to pay for goods and services sooner rather than later.

When Union Admins create passes or payment plans, under the Time-based Discounts section, they select Add Discount. This is mainly used for discounts that are for a specific event (i.e. YTT) that offers an early bird discount. If you are looking to create a discounted pass, you will want to apply an access code to your discounted pass type. 

For example, you could create a payment plan that charges a user $500/mo for 6 months, for a total price of $3,000. A time-based discount could be added reducing the total price by $400 as long as the payment plan is purchased one month prior to the event starting. If the payment plan is purchased within the final month before the event, customers will pay the non-discounted price of $3,000.

How to create a Time-based Pass Discount

Sign into Union as an administrator and follow the pathway Pricing > Passes -OR- Pricing > Payment Plans. Then click Create Pass -OR-  Create Payment Plan.

Follow our support articles to create a pass or create a payment plan if this is your first time creating a pass or payment plan.

Once the basic details of your pass or payment plan are created:

  • Under Time-based Discounts, select Add Discount

  • Create a name for this discount. This will be visible to customers.

  • Choose the discount amount.

  • Choose a 'DISCOUNT ENDS' number and time-span
    e.g. "1 day" would mean the discount runs until the day before the event starts

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