Working with Payment Plans


In Union, payment plans allow your customers to pay for goods and services over time rather than all at once.

When Union Admins create payment plans, they select the payment amount and the total number of payments to be made. They can also assign the payment plan to event categories and create time-based restrictions on the use of the payment plan.

For example, you could create a payment plan that charges a user $500/mo for 6 months, for a total price of $3,000. This payment plan would only appear to users as an option if...

  • They are attempting to sign up for an event in the Yoga Teacher Training category AND

  • The payment plan will be complete before the final day of the event.

How to create a Payment Plan

Sign into Union as an administrator and follow the pathway Events > Payment Plans. Then click Create Payment Plan.

  • Create a name for your payment plan. This will be visible to customers.

  • Write a short description for your payment plan. This will be visible to customers.

  • Choose a # of payments, a payment amount, and the billing frequency.

  • The "PAYMENT PLAN MUST COMPLETE" section allows you to restrict when customers can buy this payment plan relative to the start or end date of the event they seek to register for. If you choose "No restriction," the payment plan will be available to your customers until the event begins, just like a pass.

  • The "ACCESS CODE ONLY" section allows you to make this payment plan invisible unless the customer has a special code of your choosing.

  • The "EVENT CATEGORIES" section allows you to control which events customers can sign up for using this payment plan.

How to track Payment Plans in progress

Follow the pathway Reports > Sales > Payment Plans to see a current snapshot of all payment plans in progress, including the customer who purchased the payment plan, the amount they have already paid and the remaining balance.

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