How to Apply an Early Payment on a Payment Plan

If your customers need to make an early payment for a payment plan, here's the best path we recommend.

  • Event has not started or has been completed
  • Payment plan has 2 payments
  • Payroll is a flat rate

Step 1: If you don't have one already, you will want to create a pass type that could be called "Full Payment". If you do not want this available for the public, please be sure to put an access code on it.

Step 2: Silent cancel all performances/classes so the customer isn't notified that they're registrations have been canceled.

*Pro-Tip: The best way to complete this is to visit your customer's Union profile, then click View on the payment plan.

Scroll towards the bottom and click Cancel Silent against each performance.

Step 3: If you followed the pro-tip from above, you can quickly scroll to the top and click Cancel Now.

We recommend NOT sending a notification to the customer.

Step 4: Visit the register and re-register the customer for the upcoming event (if series visit this article). Choose the applicable pass type (if needed, edit the pass total amount by using the register discount feature). Once pass has been added, feel free to make any notes and then click Checkout.

Your customer should then be re-registered with both payments captured.

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