Delete a Pass or Subscription from your Org

At times, you may need to retire a pricing offer from your business or you have a pricing offer you want to remove from the register view and passes view (i.e. YTT that's already started/ended, promo). Instead of adding an access code or hiding it from the public passes page, you can simply delete it!

When you delete a pass in Union, it means no new customers can purchase it. In true Union fashion, passes, subscriptions, and payment plans are archived. If you ever need to reinstate a deleted pass, you can easily do so with just a few clicks! Deleting a pass type doesn't cancel a customers pass. When a pricing option is deleted, any active passes will remain active until the state is marked as expired, used, or canceled.

This article touches on:

  • How to delete a pass type
  • What happens to customer's accounts when you delete a pass
  • How to access your deleted passes

How to Delete a Pass

When you locate the pass you'd like to delete, click the drop down arrow next to Edit and click Delete.

What happens to my customer?

Deleting a pass type doesn't cancel a customers pass. When a pricing option is deleted, any active passes will remain active until the state of the pass is marked as expired, used, or canceled.

Expired Examples

Marilyn purchased a New Student Special on 11/7/23. They've pre-registered for classes and is valid until 11/16/23. Your team decides to update your New Student Special and delete your current pass on 11/9/23.

Nothing changes with Marilyn's pass. Marilyn's upcoming registrations are NOT canceled, Marilyn can continue to register for classes and replays (within the pass rules) and all is swell for Marilyn! Once the pass has reached it's expiration period, the status of the pass will be Expired.

You have a YTT that's either active or has passed. The pricing options you created are for the singular event so, you don't need it hangin' around in the back end. However, everyone who has the pass needs to be able to access replays for another year. When you delete the pass, all students will have access to the content they need to until the pass is marked as expired.

Used Example

Tess has a special 10-Pack. Once Tess has used all registrations allotted for the 10-Pack or is beyond the validation period, the pass will be marked as Used. If Tess wants to purchase a new pass, Tess can purchase a new pass in the registration flow or when visiting your public passes page.

Canceled Example

Lonni has an active subscription and is now deleted. Lonni's subscription will remain active until Lonni or an admin cancels the subscription.

Accessing Deleted Passes

Whether you're looking to add the pass to specific accounts or you're looking to bring an old pass back to life, you can access your deleted pricing options when you scroll to the bottom of any page. Just click View 'x' deleted passes.

From here, you'll see your list of deleted passes where you can run reports or undelete!

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