Automated Email Previews: Orders

When a customer purchases a pass or subscription (including a $0 offer) from your Public Passes page, they will receive an order confirmation e-mail. Customers can also purchase a product during the registration flow! In this doc, you'll be able to see examples of some automated emails Union sends to your customers (no additional text appended to orders). 

The fixed information provided in a Payment Order email:

  • The order number including the date and time of purchase

  • The description of their purchase (i.e. pass name)

  • How many they purchased

  • The amount paid

Purchase of a Pass Type Only 

Here are the automated emails your clients will receive when they make a purchase of only a pass, a subscription or a payment plan that is not tied to a series event. If your customers need access to this receipt again, they can always locate all paid orders when signed in to their Union account. 

Registration & Payment Email

Alternatively, your clients can purchase a new pass type (pass, subscription, payment plan, or ticket) in their registration flow. The email they receive will contain details about the class they registered for along with their order details.

These emails will always contain details about their upcoming class. For instance, a direct link for them to join the class, access to the restream (livestream only), and a downloadable ics file to add to their digital calendar. Please know that your students can always access these details while signed into their Union account

Livestream Registration and Payment Details

Video Call Registration and Payment Details

In-Person Registration and Payment Details

Payment Plan (Livestream) Registration and Payment Details

Replay Registration and Payment Details

If your students register for a replay and purchase a new pass, they will receive an email confirmation. *Note: students who register for a replay with an existing pass will NOT receive an email confirmation.

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