Automated Email Previews: Registrations

In Union, customers have the option to purchase a pass upfront and choose a class at a later time. Here's a preview of the automated registration emails they'll receive. You can also experience these emails by registering yourself, just follow our video tutorial guide!

What's in Each Registration Email:

  • Order number, registration date, and time.
  • Details about the registered class (including direct links and location for in-person classes).
  • A registration.ics file to add to their digital calendar.
  • Links to view and sync all registrations.
  • Description of the pass type used for the booking.

Livestream Registration Email:

In addition to the above, a livestream registration email also includes a link for customers to access the re-stream after the class (provided there were no major interruptions).

Video Call Registration Email:

For video calls (e.g., Zoom), customers can join directly from their email. Please note that by default, this link becomes active 5 minutes before the class. To customize this, check our support article.

In-Person Registration Email:

If a customer registers for an in-person class, they'll receive an email with the location details. Users can click or tap to view the location on their preferred mapping service.

Remember, all registration details are accessible when students are signed into their Union account.

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