Automated Email Previews: Cancelation

Here are different types of cancelation emails your students may receive. 

Registration Cancelation with a Pass

If you or your student cancels a registration where a pass was used (i.e. drop-in or 5 class pack), the registration is automatically put back onto your customers pass so they can use it towards a future performance. Visit our video tutorial if you'd like to enable the silent (cancel) feature for you or or admins to use.

Registration Cancelation with a Subscription

If a customer has a subscription that is unlimited registrations, here is the email they may receive.

If you are using the advanced registration limit on a subscription offering (i.e. limit of 5 registrations for in-person), here's an example of an email they may receive. 

Subscription Cancellation Email

When a user or admin cancels a subscription pass type (i.e. auto-renew), here is a preview of the automated email Union will send.

Performance (Class) Cancellation Email

If an event or performance is canceled by an admin or teacher, be default, an email confirmation will be sent. Here is an example of an automated email they may receive. 

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