Customize Your Email Settings

To edit your email settings, click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and click Email. To see some of this in action, please visit our video tutorial here

Emails to Attendees

By default, Union does not send automated emails to your customers notifying them their subscription has renewed. If you would like to send them an automated email, you can enable this here!

Here is an example of an automated email your students may receive if you have this option turned on.

Email Copies to Admins

Out of the box, Union does not include blind carbon copies of emails to admins in your org. However, if there are certain emails you and your team would like to receive you can choose which ones here! 

*Note: All team members who hold Union's default admin role will receive these emails. If there are some members who do not require these, please visit our video tutorial on how to create a custom role.

Additional text appended to

You can add additional text for all Orders, Registrations, Registration Cancellations, Invitations, and to all Leads. *Given that this text will appear in email, we suggest not including images and keeping the formatting as spare as possible.

Know that you can always proof your emails that are automatically sent out by registering yourself for a class and/or attach a pass to your account as a comp. For a general summary, any additional text added, will append below Union's automated message. Here's an example of a registration email that has custom text added! 

If you would like to see previews of Union's automated emails, please see the support articles below!

Automated Email Preview: Orders

Automated Email Preview: Registrations

Automated Email Preview: Cancelations

Automated Email Preview: Invitations

Automated Email Preview: Leads

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