Disable User Subscription Cancel

Important: may not be available to studios in or selling to consumers in California, Colorado, Illinois, or Delaware

This feature is available only to Union customers in an active contract. 

If you serve customers in these states, we suggest you ensure have enabled the setting to send subscription management in email.

Due to changing state regulations, you should ensure you are compliant with the new round of Autorenew Laws (ARLs). 

Stronger ARLs also prohibit the use of certain marketing tactics and promotional prices (e.g. free two weeks) when the actual price is $99 at renewal. If a business is using an auto-renewal or continuous service plan that the consumer must cancel to stop automatic charges, the business must:

  1. present the offer terms in a “clear and conspicuous” manner;
  2. obtain consumer’s affirmative consent before charging his or her credit card; and
  3. provide an acknowledgment including auto-renewal offer terms, cancellation policy, and details on how to cancel, including a toll-free phone number, an email or postal address, or other “easy-to-use” means for cancellation.

For more info see: 

How to Disable (after you've been approved) 

If you have the feature enabled, by default, all of your existing subscriptions will have the ability for customers to cancel their subscriptions themselves. If you would like to change one or all of your subscriptions, click Edit. Then, uncheck the option for User Can Cancel. 

If your customer tries to cancel the subscription from their account, they will see:

When they click OK, they will be redirected to your public About page to contact your team directly. 

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