Union Glossary of Terms

Welcome to Union! We've put together this glossary to help you navigate our platform and understand the terminology we use. Whether you're new or seasoned, consider this your go-to guide:

Copper or Pipedrive These are both CRM's that Union integrates with to easily track leads.
Customer.io Email marketing software integrated with Union. Contact support@union.fit for setup.
Events Different types of meeting-based offerings: recurring classes, one-time events, trainings, or workshops. Add new events under 'Manage Events' in the Events tab.
Event Categories Define which passes, subscriptions, and payment plans can be used for payment or registration. Also used for event and replay filtering.Define which passes, subscriptions, and payment plans can be used for payment or registration. Also used for event and replay filtering.
External Video Call Integration of video conferencing platforms (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet) for hosting events.
Feedback Customers provide ratings and comments after watching a livestreamed event or replay.
Landing Pages Marketing tools for clean sign-ups for specific passes or offerings.Marketing tools for clean sign-ups for specific passes or offerings.
Leads Collection of individuals who have filled out your Union Lead Form or linked to Copper/Pipedrive.
Livestream Real-time HD events with interactive presenter chat. Automatically saved/uploaded to your Union Replay library.
Locations The physical location of your studio. The address will determine the timezone for all associating spaces. A location address will only show publicly if it is an in-person class. Learn more about Locations and Spaces.
Notify Attendees A feature that allows you to quickly notify all attendees of a specific performance. To see all notifications that have been sent out, hover over People and then select Notifications.
Org Look in the mirror, that's YOU! Orgs are the organizations that use Union for their business.

Passes allow access to performances and replays but do not auto-renew. Examples:

  • 10-pack of classes that can be used one-by-one in the future
  • Unlimited classes for a month
  • Drop-In pass
Past Due An attempt to charge a credit card failed as when collecting payment for a subscription or payment plan. Your customer is then notified that their card on file isn't active and has some time to fix the mistake before their benefits are removed. Payments are retried a total of 4 times.
Payment Plan Payment Plans are a fixed number of payments over time, typically used for higher-ticket items like trainings. Can also be used if you have an offer that auto-renews for a fixed period of time and then stops.
People People include every person that has interacted with your org, and you can filter by their Role.
Performances Performance is a specific class or session within an Event. Livestream, Video calls, and In-Person videos are called performances. These are real-time events.
Public Page Your Union 'home page' that shows your schedule, replays, events, and an About page.
Registrations When a student signs up for a class or a replay they are then registered to attend the performance or watch the replay.
Restream If a student is registered to attend a Livestream, and there were no major interruptions during the Livestream, for a period of 24 hours after the class ends the student can restream the class by visiting their Past Registrations. Access to this private video replay does not require them to attend the Livestream.
Replays Replays are video or audio coming from a Livestream or manual upload. Access to Replays is defined by Event Categories.
Reports - Estimated In your Teacher performance and replay reports, you'll see a column for Estimated. Estimated revenue is only shown for auto-renewing Subscriptions and Payment plans, and will settle when the current period closes. For example, if you a customer has a subscription that renews on the 1st of the month, and you are looking at payroll for a performance that occurred on January 15th, it will be settled on February 1st.
Reports - Settled The final amount of revenue attributed to a specific registration.
Revenue Categories Revenue Categories allow you to group your revenue simpler by grouping organize transactions across on different passes, subscriptions, and payment plans
Roles A role has a group of permissions that give you access they need to perform their responsibilities but can limit access to things they don't need. Default rules include Admin, Teacher, Frontdesk, Producer, and Attendee, and you can create as many custom roles as you need specific specific permissions.
Series A series event allows your customers to register for all performances in an event with one purchase. This is best used for workshops and trainings where you want your students to register for all occurrences within the event versus just one. You can enable this feature when building or editing any event.
Spaces Physical or virtual rooms within a Location. teachers, cameras, and are associated with a specific location. Spaces share the time zone of the Location they are associated with. Learn more about Locations and Spaces
Subscription Subscriptions allow access to offerings you define through categories and have ongoing automatic payments.
Tickets Tickets are directly tied to the specific event you are creating. They cannot be used by your customers for anything else. Most businesses use Tickets for special, unique, one-time workshops.
Union Updates When the engineering team rolls out new features, you will see a bell in the upper right-hand corner when signed into your Union account as an admin.
Union Video Call Union's internal video call feature where you can see up to 16 participants and communicate with them in real-time (similar to Zoom). These are recorded in HD and are automatically uploaded to your Replay Library. NOTE: This is still in beta. Please reach out to support@union.fit if you would like to be apart of the beta testing.
Upload Marketing List Allows you to upload a customer list to Union and connect it with Customer.io for email and text marketing.
Video Delivery The sum of all customer video minutes watched, whether Livestream viewing or replays.
Video Usage This is the amount of time spent encoding (recording and processing) your video. A one-time fee is charged per minute of encoding time.
Waitlists Waitlist lets people sign up for In-Person performances that are full. Customers will receive a text message with a link to register when spots open up.
Widgets Widgets allow you to show your upcoming schedule embedded on your website.
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