Past Due/Failed Payments

If your customers reach out as to why they cannot register for classes, or why they're being prompt to pay when they hold an auto-renewing subscription, they may need to update or add a credit card to their account. To see this in action, please visit our video tutorial.

Your customers should receive an email notifying them about a failed payment that offers them suggestions on why the payment may have failed along with a direct link to update their card on file. Please see Automated Email Preview: Failed Payments if you would like an example. 

If your customer does not update their card on file Union's payment processor, Stripe, will attempt to retry the payment  four times by using Smart Tries. Please visit How Union Handles Declined Subscription Charges to learn more about smart retries. Until your customer updates their card, your customer will not be able to make a registration. 

If the customer still does not update their card on file and all four attempts have been made by Stripe, their subscription will automatically cancel. 

From the admin side, you may see a notation against their subscription when you view their member page. By hovering over Past Due you can view when the automated email from Union was sent and when the next attempt will occur. 

You can also see these details when you click View against the subscription.

You can view all past due payments by visiting Reports > Subscriptions > Past Due

If your customer reaches out and says their card has been updated but their subscription is still invalid, you can manually Retry Payment by clicking the drop down arrow. 

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