Create Locations & Spaces

A location and space are required for each schedule you build and in Union, you can save these details ahead of time!

The location you add is the physical location of your studio(s). Spaces are various rooms or "virtual rooms" within the location.

Example: if you were doing an in-person only class, you will need to make sure you're directing people into the correct address (location) and class room (space).

Locations: The address you add is your studio‚Äôs physical location and the postal code will determine the timezone for all associating spaces.

  • An event's location name will display publicly.
  • For In-Person classes, both location name & address will display publicly. Users can click or tap to view the address in their favorite mapping service. When customers book a class, they receive a confirmation email that includes the address and can add their booking directly to their digital calendar.
  • If you have (1) physical location but have multiple rooms (or remote teachers), you will add each room by creating multiple spaces to the singular location.

Spaces: These are specific rooms you want associated with each location. You can have multiple spaces in one location and each space created will produce its own unique key. Defining a space (room):

  • A physical room within your studio
  • A teacher who may be livestreaming from their home*
  • Creating a space will allow you to choose the attendance types for each event (you MUST keep the checkboxes for streamable and visible).

The same Location/Space cannot be used for multiple events at the same time. If you studio has multiple rooms that will be used concurrently, you'll need to create a space for each.

How do I create a Location & Space?

In addition, be sure to check out our video about location & space(s). From your admin dashboard hover over Products and click Locations. Then click New Location.

Add your studios name and address (your address will only be visible for in-person attendance types). You can change the color for each location, just click on the color swatch to adjust! Then click Add Space.

Now add the name(s) for the spaces you would like connected to this location. To add multiple spaces, simply click Add Space. Once all spaces have been named (you can add more at anytime), click Create Location.

Success! Your location and its spaces has been created!

If you need to add a new location (different address), click New Location and follow the steps from above. Your locations profile will show each site in its own bracket to quickly see all associating spaces.

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