Create Locations & Spaces

A location and space are required for each schedule you build, and in Union, you can save these details ahead of time. The location you add is the physical place of your studio, and the spaces are the various rooms, virtual rooms, teachers, or cameras associated with that location.

What's a Location?

A location is the physical address of your studio, and its postal code determines the timezone for all related spaces. The location name will be publicly displayed for events. For in-person classes, both the location name and address will be shown publicly, and customers can easily view the address on a map. If you have one physical location but multiple rooms or remote teachers, you add each room by creating multiple spaces within that location.

What's a Space?

A space is a specific room linked to a location, like a physical room in your studio. Think of spaces as physical rooms within your studio or locations where teachers may be live streaming or recording. You can have multiple spaces in one location. Creating a space lets you select attendance types for events. Remember to keep the checkboxes streamable and visible, even if no virtual options are offered.

You can't use the same Location/Space for multiple events at the same time. If your studio has multiple rooms that will be used simultaneously, you may need to create a separate space for each one.

How do I create a Location & Space?

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

Start by clicking on "Create a Location."

Enter your studio's name and physical address. Note that this address will only be visible for in-person events. It's crucial to include the address because its postal code determines the timezone for all associated spaces.

Click on "Add Space" to create each space associated with your location. Remember, spaces don't differentiate between in-person and virtual classes. However, the same space can't be used for multiple events simultaneously. Whether it's in-person, streaming, or on an external platform like Zoom, you'll need to create a separate space for each to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Once you've added all your spaces, click "Create Location." This finalizes the setup and ensures your spaces are ready for scheduling.


  • You do NOT need to add a space for each virtual teacher
  • You can edit the space colors if needed but this will only be visible on the admin calendar view (recommended for appointments)
  • Even if the location is In-Person Only, please click "Streamable and Visible" when adding your spaces.

To add a new location (with a different address), click "New Location" and follow the previous steps. Your location profile will display each site separately, making it easy to view all associated spaces at a glance.

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