Schedule Conflicts

If you see this warning against any event or schedule (pictured below), this indicates there is a scheduling conflict. Typically a schedule conflict may appear because the same location and space are being used or a teacher has a class at the same time. Most of the time, conflicts arise because a change was made to the schedule and some or all of the performances associated were not deleted (i.e. there were registrations and the performance was not deleted). 

If you have a schedule that holds a conflict, this means some (or all) performances are unable to be created. You can learn more about the conflict by clicking on the warning. This will show you all affected performances.

The performance in grey are ones that have not been created because the performance in orange is blocking it. In the example below, the Power Flow class on 6/2 at 6 am can't be created because there is already a performance (Morning Meditation) that holds the same date, time, location and space. 

Warning: You will have the option to Ignore a conflict when you click the drop-down menu in the grey box. This DOES NOT mean you're over riding the conflict to create the performance. Choosing Ignore will no longer show a conflict but the performance will NOT be created. If you truly need to allow a double booking, please visit our support article Allow Double Booking.

In order for my Power Flow class (the conflicted performance in grey) to be created, I need to edit the location/space for the schedule of Morning Meditation. It would be fine to simply edit the 6/2/22 class only, but because these two classes are regular recurring schedules, it would be ideal to edit the entire schedule so all Power Flow classes can be created. 

When you click Edit Schedule, this will take you directly into the event to apply your edits

Once your schedule has been updated, your performances should be created. If you do not see this updated, please reach out to 

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