Edit a Performance

Every event contains teacher schedules that define when it occurs. In Union, each instance is called a Performance (what you might call a class, workshop. or training). If you need to edit one instance, you will want to edit the performance. When editing a performance, you can change the following variables:

  • The Performance Name

  • The Performance Image

  • The Performance Description

  • The Attendance Type *Note: if you are updating the attendance type, you may want to change some or all existing performance registrations to the newly available registration. Please see Changing Performance Attendance Type for detailed instructions.

  • Location/Space

  • Teacher

  • Start date and time

  • Duration

  • Capacity

  • Show on public calendar

In the Union interface you can access specific upcoming or past performances from the Admin Dashboard (Upcoming Sessions), the admin calendar (Events -> Calendar), or from the event (pictured below).

Hover over Events > Click Manage Events > Click the event name in bold.

Scroll down to the Upcoming Performances block and against the performance you need to adjust, click the drop down arrow to select Edit this Performance.

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