Add or Edit your Event Photos

If you're looking to add, edit, or update your event/class photos for your Union site, you will want to make these changes at the event level.

If you're wanting to update these for your Union branded site, please follow steps below. These photos are automatically populated from your Union account.

First, visit your list of upcoming events (Products > Events). Then click Edit against the event you'd like to update.

At the top of the event page, the first section allows you to add your event details (Info). Locate the button that says Choose File and click.

Once clicked, you will want to locate the photo you would like to add or replace with. For example, here's what you may see if you're using an Apple product. Once your photo has been updated, click Update Event located at the bottom of your page.

You should now see your new photo on the event overview.

When you click Public you should see the changes made to all of your class listings.

If you're looking for support on how to edit an instance from your event (i.e. one specific class), please visit our support article to learn how to edit a performance.

If you are using Union's Branded site, this will automatically here as well!

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