Allow Double Booking

There are times when a double booking is necessary. For instance, you may have a teacher who is leading a training or workshop and they're also teaching a class that is available to the public! In cases like this, you can allow double bookings at the performance level.

Let's take a look at an example. Below, we have a YTT performance that is being held at Atelier South/Studio 1 at 8 am with Harley (in grey). Union is letting us know the YTT Spring 2022 performance cannot be created because Harley is also schedule to teach a Power Flow Class at this time. 

In this situation, part of the days course work for the YTT class includes attending the Power Flow class, which is also available for the general public to attend. If you encounter a situation like this, click Edit Performance against the class that needs to be created (performance in grey). 

At the bottom, select Allow Double Booking and then update your performance! 

If there are multiple conflicts, you will need to manually edit each performance to Allow Double Booking

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