Creating a Password Protected Zoom URL

Here's how to create a password embedded Zoom URL for integration with Union. *Unless you have someone acting as a producer who can let people in through a waiting room, we recommend only enabling the password feature when creating your link.

Sign in to your Zoom account:

Go to your settings and enable "Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join"

Click "Schedule Meeting"

Add the name and description for you meeting/class

Add the desired date, time, and duration. Choose if this will be a one time event, recurring meeting (daily, weekly, monthly), or “No Fixed Time” (a recurrence for multiple performances in Union. i.e. teacher training or course that meets several times in a day).

Security: A meeting ID, password, and waiting room will automatically be generated. *We strongly advice deselecting "Waiting Room" unless you have an admin or producer who can monitor this while you teach.

Video & Meeting Options: Adjust your preferences and click Save.

*Click HERE for more info on Zoom recordings and click HERE for details on how to upload it into your performance on Union.

You’ll then be given an overview of your new meeting. Copy the “Invite Link” (URL Only) → This is what you will paste into you Union Event Schedule. If you will be recording your classes in Zoom and uploading them into Union, please visit Zoom Recording Setting.

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