Run a Live Zoom Class Test

If you're hoping for a full experience, see if you can grab a friend or family member to join with you! This can be as complete as creating a test event in Union (you may need your admin to support) or as simple as sending the other person the direct URL for your meeting.

If you are planning on recording any of your live classes on Zoom that will be uploaded into Union, please be sure you check your video recording settings in Zoom! Once these have been updated, you shouldn't need to do this again.

Set your Space

If you're running a full test, grab your gear and setup as if you were about to teach a class.

Setup your Gear

Here's an example of what your setup may include:

  1. iPhone + Cable to Connect to your Laptop
  2. Tripod that will hold your iPhone
  3. Rode Wireless Go II (Receiver + Mic)
  4. Zoom App on your Laptop

Open your Zoom App and start a New Meeting. Check to make sure your Camera and Mic are connected.

If you're testing on your own (no event or no second person), feel free to click Record. You can make this recording as long as you would like, but we would recommend running the test for at least 1-2 mins. For an ideal test, visit your mat and maybe do a few Surya Namaskar A or B (or both!) so you have a good test for video and audio to compare to!

Once you're done, stop the recording and End Meeting for All. This will allow your test to download to your local device or the cloud so you can view! If all looks good, this is all you'll need to run your Live Zoom classes on Union!

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