Zoom Pro-Tips Before & Post Class

Check what Zoom account you're signed in with

When you sign-in to your Zoom account, check to make sure you're signed in with the correct account (i.e. you're a teacher at a studio and will need to record your class).

How Early Can I Start My Class?

By default, you should be able to click External URL 5 minutes before your class is set to begin. However, your admin can change these rules in the Online Events & Replays setting.

Are you Recording a Class?

If you are planning on recording any of your live classes on Zoom that will be uploaded into Union, please be sure you check your video recording settings in Zoom! Once these have been updated, you shouldn't need to do this again.

How do I upload my Recorded Class?

Once your class has completed and you're wanting to add it to Union, visit our support article for full step-by-step support. Here's a quick snap shot:

  1. Locate your class (Products > Calendar > Click on Class)
  2. Click the drop down arrow > Upload Replay

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