Settings for Online Events & Replays

Union allows some customization for your online events! To edit these rules, visit your Union  Settings > Online Events


By default, Union enables the chat feature so you and your students can communicate during a livestream or a Union Video Call. You have the option to disable this in your settings.

Enable Feedback

When a livestream or replay has ended, your student will be provided the option to leave feedback! To learn more about where to locate your feedback, please visit our support doc here! By default, Union has this feature ready out of the box but you can turn this off in your settings.

Minutes before a Session Start Livestreams/Video Calls

By default, Union allows students to enter 5 mins before a livestream or video call as long as the stream or video call has begun. If you would like to adjust this, you can do so on these lines here! 

Hours after registering any replay can be watched

By default, when your customer registers for a replay from your replay library, they will have 48 hours access. If you would like to change this duration, you can do so. However, please know that this will effect all replays in your library. While the support team does their best to acknowledge different settings for all of our clients, most documentation and communication will be stated as access to a replay for 48 hours.

External URL Label

When you student registers, views, or receive email confirmations for a performance that is an external video call (i.e Zoom or Google Meets), they will see these options:

You have the ability to customize some of this language to say something like "Zoom" or "Google Call"

Replay Navigation Name

You have the ability to edit the grey navigation name on your org page. Please visit Replay Navigation Name for more details.

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