Day of Live Zoom Class (External URL)

On the day of your Live Zoom Class (what Union calls an External URL), here's a suggested step-by-step guide.

Setup your Class Space & Virtual Space

As you're preparing for your hybrid or virtual only class, you'll want to ensure you have the items you need for the virtual portion and setup in an optimal location. Here's an example of what your setup may include:

  1. iPhone + Cable to Connect to your Laptop
  2. Tripod that will hold your iPhone
  3. Rode Wireless Go II (Receiver + Mic)
  4. Zoom App on your Laptop

Quick Test

We recommend checking to ensure your settings are set correctly. Visit our pro-tips doc for suggestions (i.e. recording settings). To run a quick test, open your Zoom App and start a New Meeting. Check to make sure your desired Camera and Mic are connected. Once you're done, stop the recording and End Meeting for All.

Start your Zoom Class

You will want to sign-in to your Union account and click Dashboard. From here, you should see your next few upcoming classes. Depending on the online settings your admin has applied, you will see your next class change from Check-In to External URL.

When you're ready to begin your class, click External URL

When you click the button in Union, you will be redirected to Zoom where you can click to Open or click Launch Meeting.

As your students join from their registrations, they'll start entering the class with you so you can begin the class!

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