Changing Performance Attendance Type

Union allows you to change a given performance's attendance type. Simply edit the performance.

Adjust the types of registrations available to your customers for this specific performance.

When the attendance type is changed at the performance level, the performance's parent event schedule attendance type settings will no longer apply to this specific performance.

After adjusting the performance's attendance type, you may want to change some or all existing performance registrations to the newly available registration types.

E.g. my livestream registrations for this performance need to change to external video call registrations.

From the performance Check-in page, you can change a specific registration from the options for each registration, or change all registrations of one type to another at once.

Once changed, you should see the registration type change. Now all students have the updated link. 

Note that registrants will be notified via email that their registration type has been changed.

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