Edit/Delete a Teacher's Schedule

Are you needing to edit a few classes for a teacher (i.e. substitutes)? If so, please visit our support article, edit the performance, to learn how to apply these changes to certain classes.

If you're looking to apply a mass change (i.e. teacher is no longer teaching the class, there's a time and day of the week change), you can do this at the event level!

We've created a video tutorial that shows how to make a mass schedule change and how to change a single class! Check it out!

Visit Products > Events > Click Edit

Scroll to Schedules and click Remove against the teachers schedule(s) that need to be removed.  

When deleting a schedule, you will need to click Ok to recognize you are removing the upcoming classes.

If you need to add a new schedule to the same event (i.e. different time or teacher), click Add Schedule.

Once your changes have been made, scroll to the bottom and click Update Event. You should see these changes applied when you scroll down to the event's schedule overview and the event's upcoming performances.

Performances that contained registrations for the recently deleted schedule, will not be removed from your Upcoming Performances. If you wish to have them removed, you can click Cancel for all applicable performances.

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