Classes are Missing (Public Calendar)

By default, your org is set so clients can view and register 30 days out from the current day unless the event is a series. Your admin calendar view ( Products > Calendar) will show ALL upcoming classes.

This allows you more flexibility to make edits/changes to any future classes with ease. A common example is a schedule change.

When you delete or make a schedule change, you may have some dedicated students who register far into the future. When the schedule is deleted, you may see a conflict warning due to some classes not deleting. By having fewer registrable classes, you can quickly see if anyone had preregistered for the old class times.

There are instances where a studio may need an event that's happening 6 months from now to be viewable with the ability to purchase. For example, the weekly classes didn't need to be extended, just one specific class (typically a workshop). In this time, we created the feature Extend Performance Generation Window.

Union does not recommend doing this for recurring events. When you enable this feature at the event level, it creates 2 years worth of performances. As a reminder, Union only deletes performances from a schedule that hold zero registrations. 

There are certain times when this feature is beneficial and typically is for events that are workshops or something that has a one time only schedule (the schedule typically has an end date).

If you are hoping for your students can register further out than 30 days, please reach out to the and let us know you'd like your registration bookings to be 60 or 90 days and we'll be happy to get this updated for you!

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