Series Events (Workshops or Trainings)

If you're looking to build an event type that requires students to register for ALL performances, like a training or workshop, you will want to create a Series event in Union. This allows your students to register for all classes within one click!

For more information about building an event in Union, please visit our support article and/or our video tutorial.

To get started, you'll visit Products > Events > New Event.

Just like any event created in Union, give your event a name, description and photo. Below the event details, you'll come your Schedule builder section. You'll want to check the box for TRAINING OR WORKSHOP SERIES.

In some cases, you may want to allow students to register for a workshop once the first class has completed. Be sure to check ATTENDEES CAN REGISTER FOR SERIES AFTER IT STARTS.

Once you've checked the boxes desired, begin to add your schedule for your training. If you're adding a schedule that includes recurring classes, please be sure you tick the box, Recurs Until, and add a Recurs Until date. This will stop generating this schedule.

Once your schedule has been added, add your event categories and any additional details and click Create Event. You'll then see your event details but at the top, you'll notice a new tag that says Series. This indicates that when a person registers for this event, they'll be registering for ALL classes listed.

When your students go to register

They'll automatically be registering for all classes.

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